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and other space agencies have explored Venus, including NASA’s Magellan, which mapped the planet's surface with radar. In this model, the atmosphere is represented by a single homogeneous layer of gases in thermal equilibrium at temperature T a acting as a grey body with an emissivity and an absorptivity given by ε.
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  • The surface temperature of a planet can be estimated by modifying the effective-temperature calculation to account for emissivity and temperature variation.
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  • , 2003): (1) where T s = mean global surface temperature.
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    It's orbiting a star with luminosity six times our sun, the greenhouse coefficient 0.

  • The actual temperature of the planet will likely be different, depending on its surface and.
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    0 and f = 1.

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  • Feb 15, 2022 · Earth - 59°F (15°C) Mars - Minus 85°F (-65°C) Jupiter - Minus 166°F (-110°C) Saturn - Minus 220°F (-140°C) Uranus - Minus 320°F (-195°C) Neptune - Minus 330°F (-200°C) Dwarf Planet Pluto - Minus 375°F (-225°C) This graphic shows the mean temperatures of various destinations in our solar system.
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    670373 × 10 − 8 W m − 2 K − 4.

  • 130 to 140 watts per square meter.
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