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6000L - $200/hour for 1 operator, or $270/hour for 2 operators. 99HP Diesel motor.
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    Tracksons Drilling are premium suppliers of high-velocity vacuum excavation trucks for hire.

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    Has X15 Paccar Engine.

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  • Realizing it can be difficult to arrange to reuse excavated materials onsite, the dry vac comes in capacity sizes ranging from 4 to 8 cubic meters.
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    Vacsafe supplies professional 8000L vacuum truck hire throughout NSW’s Central West.

  • We supply water trucks, water trailers, mini tippers, mini vacuum trucks, vacuum trailers,.
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    JJE Rentals is committed to providing a broad range of products and services through a network of premium quality facilities.

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    RENT A VACUUM TRUCK! Our fleet consists of wet/dry vacuum trucks, 407/412 DOT certified liquid vacuum trucks, stainless steel liquid vacuum trucks, liquid rings, combination units, excavation units, tankers, roll-offs,.