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3. Check for Coolant inside the Engine.
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  • Overheating creates room for a myriad of problems.
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    Remove the radiator cap and pour distilled water into the radiator until full.

  • In the same way, as white smoke represents burning coolant, blue smoke is a telltale sign of burning motor oil.
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    Detailed step by step solution to fix cooling system that is contaminated with either engine oil or transmission oil.

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    If it has a pressurized bottle with a cap dex is ok.

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    To locate a coolant leak, first look for puddles of coolant beneath your vehicle.

  • Damaged Engine Block.
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    When the oil becomes diluted with coolant, it doesn’t coat components as well as it needs to, and temperatures will climb under the friction created by running the engine.

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    Overheating creates room for a myriad of problems.