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It is art, our canvas is Silver and Gold. Native American Navajo Jewelry.
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  • Jul 15, 2010 · By Maribeth Keane and Bonnie Monte — July 15th, 2010.
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    In more than 20 years as a jewelry designer and craftsman, he has become a master in.

  • Patta Butcher is a clothing designer of Choctaw descent.
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  • Meaning “brown eagle,” Ginew is part of co-founder Erik Brodt’s Ojibwe.
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    The 14 American Jewelry Designers and Brands You Should Know 1.

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  • Bypassing a middleman distributor allows us to offer our jewelry to you at low prices—50% below suggested retail.
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    Charles Loloma (1921 – 1991) In a 1978 People Magazine profile, Charles Loloma, the Native American artist who excelled in many disciplines, not least of which was jewelry making, was described as, “eccentric.

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